October 20, 2011

Ako Buday

Last Tuesday, Kat's dad celebrated his 50th birthday. BRA was invited to the celebration (bra? It is my barkada name. Why bra? Female version of bro). I still can't get over how we literally climbed the mountain. Lalalala ;)))

I'm not sure if it's a souvenir or a gift to tito. Gusto ko diiiin!!

Ang tyaga kumain ng hipon. Haha

I just love this shot.

Buday casts. From L to R: Chelie as Jaggi. Vi as lola. Kat as totoong nanay. Jen as nanay. Kitz as Buday.

Though we're not complete, the fun never stops. There's no reason not to laugh out loud. You'll surely miss a joke or gossip when you yawn even just for a couple of seconds. Each one of us has the certain humor that makes our bond extra special. But as the night gets deeper, topics get intense also. I love conversations like that. I learn new things from them and I feel secured in a way I don't have to go through my drama alone.

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