October 29, 2011

What's in my purse

I am basically in a state of boredom and waiting for my mom to yell that our brunch is ready. I thought of posting something unusual and fresh.

I was inspired by vlogs on youtube so after contemplating, I decided to share the goodies I carry almost everyday. I suppose a woman's heart is inside her bag. No fuss! Just by inspecting her things, you can figure out what sort of person she is. There's always a little surprise, I must say. Take a peak into my purse and see what are the things I carry around.

band-aid; lip balm; hair cuticle coat; Sweet Pea body splash; hand sanitizer; hanky, moisturizer; BB bold; Canon 550D; rosary; wide tooth comb; Goody hair elastics; house keys; black-framed glasses; flash drive; car key; Artwork coin purse; pen; scientific calculator

So basically these are the stuffs inside my bag. Lol at the sci cal. Haha! Because I'm a noob in photoshop, my sister did the editing. Thanks for doing me this favor sisturr. View her awesomeness here.

Disclaimer: I don't own the photos.

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