December 29, 2011

After a year or so

I'm glad that before 2011 ends, kix (short for kikay girls) had the chance to reunite after the longest time.

Decided to have lunch at Max's. After seeing the bill, my wallet emptied HAHA

I can't remember when was the last time I saw betch. So I was really happy when she finally responded to my texts and messages on Facebook. I missed her a lot. I consider Mariel as one my best friends back in high school. We just click despite our timid nature. Anyways, the first thing I noticed about her was her body built. She gained weight! But attitude wise, her quirkiness, nothing has changed.

Happy-go-lucky girl, spoiled brat, rich kid.. name them! May have everything she needs that's why even her friend got envious. But no matter what issues or name calling, she remain modest and lowly. May is one of the people I know that don't recognize the "fighting back" verb. I'm hoping that someday she'll realize that too much kindness isn't healthy. However, we became friends when our adviser in high school assigned us to be seat mates. I thought we'll never get along because of her expensive taste but I ate my words.

It is May's boyfriend. He's wearing Max's crew uniform because of the so called on-the-job training. And yes, he wrote the note "bat ang ganda mo?" for my friend. Sweet patootie!

Thanks Jonas. We look crappy =))

Those three hours aren't enough to update each others life. Looking forward to our next hang out. xx