December 27, 2011

On Christmas Day

After all the Christmas rush; insane traffic jams, massive amount of people in shopping malls and bazaars, it feels good to be able to gratify both for yourself and others.

Did you know that the name Lucifer means "light-bearer"? Such a beautiful name, right? Thinking of naming my future child Lucifer or Lucy but obviously I won't! The evil connotation makes it a daunting name. I wonder how pride can really cause a BIG change. And since it's Christmas, learn to forgive. Open your heart and erase all the pain you've been throughout the year. Don't let your ego eat you. Spread love and for sure, happiness will find you.

On a lighter note, hoping you all had an awesome Christmas with your family and love ones!

Sorry for the tad bit late post.

With love,
Cheli <3


  1. love the shots chelie :)

    visit our site too and maybe we can keep in touch via gfc:)