December 16, 2011

Second life

For the previous weeks, I was hospitalized due to dengue that is why I wasn't able to update this blog. I had no time to story tell what had happen since I have to recover from my illness and I needed to catch up with the things I missed in school.

I was on stage two. It's a pretty severe condition. My platelet count dropped down to 14 so I was necessitate to transfuse blood and hold at intensive-care unit for efficient monitoring. Good thing, I was on the kids quarter. Lesser stress! But I think the four-year old boy beside me at the ICU was the one who stressed out. He kept on watching me every time I eat ice cream (I was on soft diet). He's envy for he was not permitted to eat/drink anything because of his state. Anyhow, my doctor advised me to avoid strenuous activities for three months since my heart inflamed.

A week for school was left to me then. Two weeks of absence seemed forever. I felt like an extraterrestrial creature on my classes when I got back. Overflowing quizzes and exams welcomed me. Two death defying exams! I died for an hour when I was answering the AENG 2 test. AgEngineering is an application course so it is difficult to grasp the concept without knowing it first-hand. Nakakaiyak! I'm planning to drop the subject but lemme see the result next year. While the AECO 123 exam earlier was an energy sipper. ASDADSFD okay I'm rambling too much.. thank you for the second life Jesus. I love you :*


  1. Chelieeee! Im happy you're now okaaaay. Huhu. God bless you and your health :) fan mo na ako! :)

  2. Aw. Ang hirap talagang magkasakit! Take care always! =)