December 17, 2011

Oblation Run 2011: A selfless offering

Last Thursday, the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity held their annual oblation run at the university. It was my first time to witness the run. I've been looking forward for this event every year but my schedule for the past years don't tolerate me to do so. So I grabbed the chance this year but the funny thing is.. I was so nervous during the actual time. I can't explain what's going on with my stomach. There was a feeling that I wanted to back out.

When the siren rang, my nerves killed me. I was chilling when the crowd began to make noise. But when the naked guys passed by in front of us, there were silence. Na-starstruck? HAHAHA! I don't have decent shots when they were surrounding oble. I wish I jostled all the people blocking my view to capture good photos. :(

ABS-CBN correspondent was spotted. Who watched the coverage on television?

YAAAYYYYY I survived! I think one's UP life isn't complete if he didn't witness at least once in his stay at the university the eminent oblation run. Now, I can say I'm complete *nginig laman*

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