February 29, 2012

Leap Day

I have the most awesome, unique birth date to date! Dad always crack a joke that I was born on a 29th but I find it interesting. What if it is true? I should only be 5 years old by now. Cooooooool :-)

I celebrated my birthday with family and friends. It was just a simple gathering but no words can explain how blessed and thankful I am. God is the reason behind the loving and supportive people around me.

Embracing the fact that I'm a year older now isn't easy. From a teenager to a *gulp* lady, bigger responsibilities await. I should think AND act my age. It sounded weird but changes won't hurt. Cheers for another year of new people, new challenges, new mistakes, and new lessons.

Will be posting another blog as soon as I got the raw photos from Kaye when they attempted to surprise me :-D

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