March 10, 2012

Battle of the Colors

Cheerdance competition marks the end of Letran intramurals week. It's an event where students, even alumni, look forward to.

The program started past 3 in the afternoon but the intense heat didn't hinder everyone from watching. Just look how supportive each school to their respective teams was. All prepped up to cheer for the cheerleaders! Haha

It was too overcrowded so we positioned at the back. Hence, I don't have a choice but to blog the dancers butts :-P without further ado, game face on!!!

School of Nursing Green Serpent

SBMA Yellow Tigers

SCST Lavender Griffins

School of Engineering Red Dragons

SEAS Blue Phoenix

THRMI Silver Wolves

And the champion was *drum roll* the Red Dragons! On their fifth year!

You know what? It's nice to go back once in a while where everything started :-)

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