March 9, 2012

Forever Nineteen

As promised, here is the "surprise thing" during my birthday.

Friday afternoon, Vi and I agreed that we'll attend our 7:30am class on Tuesday (Feb28). When I reached the campus, I went to the comfort room first to check how do I look because there might be something waiting. Assuming ako e, bakit ba? =)) but I got disappointed, Vi wasn't around. I was the only person sitting on our row! So not to entertain sad thoughts, I just played temple run. Boooooring.

"ang sama mo!" the message I texted to Vi. She was sorry that she's still on her way lalalalala.. we bumped into each other after few minutes. All the sulkiness disappeared when she handed her gift. A cupcake. A distorted cupcake!! Haha. She knows how much I love sweets. Hee hee

We're about to go to St. Therese chapel but Vi was behaving restlessly like she was looking for somebody. We stopped at Raymundo gate and.. I saw Ace and Kaye running towards us with all the twelve balloons and cake.

Though it was sort of a fail surprise, I'm really touched.

Knowing they still have classes, they rather spend their morning with me. Sweeeeeeeeet :-D they accompanied me at St. Therese, then had our early lunch at Black and Brew.

Despite the scorching heat, my first ever birthday celebration at school is worth remembering. It's all because of my girls :-)

All photos are from Kaye.

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