March 17, 2012

Unexpected hangout

I came to an idea of going to megamall at 4 in the afternoon yesterday. Dad easily complied. Ha! I have a cool daddy like that ;-) I eagerly called Jen and Vian because aside from the fact that both of them are always on-the-go, I know they won't let me down. In split second, they said yes! Sisters indeed!

We saw a billboard of Teriyaki Boy on our way to megamall so I told them that we should eat there. Oo naman sila HEHEHE

Later on, we spent hours at Forever 21. Jen was really depressed AND stressed of seeing pretty garbs but nothing for grabs. Next time girl, meron ng small.

I treat them a cup of happiness. Oh! We'd become so agitated when we had a sip.



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