March 3, 2012


I've been planning to go to SuperSale Bazaar for few months now so I was hyped up when Vian said yes when I asked if she can go with me \:D/ Tricia Gosingtian and Lissa Kahayon both look very pretty.

World Trade Center then MOA to meet Grace.

We lazed near the ice skating rink while waiting but boredom was raging. We opted to play at Timezone. I outscored Vi in basketball. Ha! She beat me twice in air hockey though.

When Grace arrived, the three of us were chasing the sunset at baywalk.

And then we had dinner.

Note to self: Try new things. We should not limit ourselves..

Random things I learned from Vi HAHA see? I'm in state of giddiness until now :-P it was a very tiring yet super fun day! Thank you for the time, girls. xx

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