May 14, 2012

You only live once

Since Tree Top Adventure in Subic opens to public (way back in 2009, I think), I never fail to force dad to go there but my convincing powers only worked this year.

The attraction is a series of suspended trails, bridges and motorized cable rides built high up the rain forest of Subic. Appreciate nature while having fun, sounds very ecological right?

I'm all geared up for ze tree drop! I'm ready to die!! Lol


That was fun to the superb level! Don't worry about falling kasi you'll fall talaga :-))

Canopy ride, aka the boring ride, was next in line. If you're a first timer, go ahead and try because the scenery above the trees is way too remarkable.

We're n feet above the ground!!

I handed over my camera to dad afterwards. Loser. We don't have any photos during our last ride. Anywhoo, we had lunch at Jest camp so expect nothing but tribal-ish.

There you go, if you're a thrill seeker, why not try the attractions they offer where you can get your own dose of adrenaline rush. #YOLO


  1. Im just 45mins away from Subic but i havent been there. the adventure looks fun!

  2. wow, that looks scary but fun :)

  3. i also went there but i'm to scared to try that falling part haha

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  4. wow. looks really great there ;)
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