December 30, 2011

Year 2011 review

I can't imagine 2012 is just two sleeps away. Does this mean end of the world is near?

Twenty eleven has marked several highlights for me. On my last year as a teen (and still in denial), I have grown and learned from the experiences I have gotten myself into.

2011 has welcomed me with a big smile (with flying hearts on the side) but that smile misled me big time.

Got in 2 x more trouble this year, cried an ocean of tears, has been neglected, got into major depressions, lost a grandfather, and I was on the brink of death.

This year evolved me from a little girl to a woman. I was physically, mentally and emotionally challenged that change me as a person.

I thank God and my family so much for giving me the strength and courage to deal with all the hardships I have faced this year. Also, to my friends who didn't give up on my unending dramas.

God continuously proves that we will always be learning and we can never claim to know it all. We will always be running back to Him in times of crossroads and possibilities.

It has truly been a year to remember. 2011 hit us hard, especially to those who have loved and lost. Although we don't want to grow up too fast, a little growing up never hurt anybody. It's never supposed to be about regret of bad decisions or things left unsaid, but about gratefulness of the things that have happened and how it has helped us grown to be better.

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